Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We got out of the house...

Oh my goodness, Y'all! I started this blogging thing and then I went MIA. I got really busy with the kids at home and starting our homeschool year, and I had some technical headaches with our computer situation. I started this Sweet Summer string of blogs (here, here, and  here), and  now we are no longer in summer mode. I am one of those people though that CANNOT let things go unfinished, is the end of it...

A and L go to daycare during the school year while I teach, and they continued to go 2 days a week throughout the summer. This eased my stress about not being able to do a lot with them because of having a baby. They love going and seeing their friends, learning, and having fun. 

Last day of  school
Every Wednesday, we went to the public library for story time. A couple of the kids' friends also go, so they love that.  Of course, we also have to see the turtle and check out some books. This is mostly fun, however by the time we leave the library, baby C is usually D.O.N.E. and she lets everyone know it. 

I am generally happy with their behavior in public, but I did have one of those embarrassing moments at the library in which I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. As story time ended one Wednesday, C started crying, which in an instant escalated to screaming. At. The. Top. Of. Her. Lungs. I just needed to get my reserved books checked out. I'm quickly pulling out my library card. L closed the door to the employee office after I told him to stay away from there. He then whined about me not helping him scan his books while A was repeatedly and increasingly louder asking me to move the rubber band basket closer while C continued to holler. I mean, she was so loud, one lady came over and tried to talk to her while I finished up. A was not happy that I gave her a book to scan that wasn't "hers" and repeatedly and increasingly louder tells me "this isn't my book! this isn't my book!" It seemed the more I needed to hurry the heck up, the louder and more uncooperative they were. I had worked up a sweat from the stress. The second we finally get outside, C's screaming stopped like someone had flipped a switch. Relief!

This summer was the first time for us to do VBS, and the kids had a blast.  

Both big kids had a month of swim lessons. 

Our town also offers lots of summer camps, classes, and activities, so we signed up the kids for a short soccer camp. 

Summer was sweet! But...I'm always looking for new easy ways to make summer fun when you only have littles at home. 

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