Hey, Y'all!  Welcome to Mama Needs Sweet Tea!  I'm so glad you've stopped by my little corner of the web where I write about some pretty big changes that are happening around our house, homeschooling, and family life. I want you to feel like you've come for a visit and we're hanging out on the back porch drinking some sweet tea (you know...or some wine), whatever you prefer.  

Let me introduce myself... 
I'm a Catholic wife and mother.  My husband is Michael, and my 3 little people are ages 4, 3, and 5 months. We've recently decided that after 21 years of teaching in Texas elementary schools, I will become a stay at home mom.  There you have big change #1.  I think welcoming baby #3 into our lives in March qualifies as big change #2. And big change #3?  We've decided I'm going to homeschool kindergarten.  All of this equals life turned upside down for me. And I couldn't be more excited! 

Thanks for dropping by!  
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