Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Visit to Magnolia Market

 One of the perks of being home with the kids this year and homeschooling is being able to go places and do fun things whenever we want. During the week...even when it isn't a holiday. Not in summer when it's blazing hot. Avoiding the crowd. I love this! We had a super fun couple of days this week with our little road trip to Waco, home of Magnolia Market, The Silos, and Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. (I love them!) 

My hubby took vacation time on Monday and Tuesday this week. There was no hurry on Monday to get on the road, so we were able to get our school work in on Monday morning like usual. Since we've been reading lots of fun books about nocturnal animals, including owls. Mike dissected owl pellets with the kids for science. They were so into it! It was lots of fun. 

We left for Waco about lunchtime. Since my hubs earns hotel points from his business travel, we are able to spend the night in a hotel without it being cost prohibitive. That makes travel with little ones easier. We checked into our hotel and then headed over to Magnolia Market. 

Since they close at 6:00, we had an hour to shop. I could not have asked the kids to be better behaved as we walked through the store smelling candles, feeling soft pillows and fuzzy throws, and looking at all the really cool home decor items. We didn't buy anything that evening. We just took it all in and made mental note of what we liked. We did grab a bag of the kettle corn. Yum!

After that, we headed outside and wandered to the the garden area that had a pumpkin patch and the Magnolia Seed+Supply shop. There were pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Lots of places for fun photo opportunities. A loved the fairy gardens they had set up throughout the garden area. I loved the fairy gardens throughout the garden area. Both kids thought the garden tee pee they had set up was really cool too. A wanted to us to buy her some of the fairy garden accessories for her play garden at home.  

Right before closing, we grabbed a cupcake to share from The Silos Baking Co. and we worked our way back over to the swings and the lawn (a large turf square) with balls, corn hole games and big bean bag chairs. The grounds don't close until 7:00, so we plopped down so we could enjoy our cupcake and A and L could run around and play a bit. That cupcake! So YUM! It was really fun watching the kids have so much fun. We almost had the place to ourselves. There was a couple of college students kicking the soccer ball around (a date, maybe?). Well, L has never met a stranger, and we had to laugh when he asked if he could play with them. They were super nice to the kids. (Turns out they both coach soccer for 5 year olds.) 

By chance, the way we spent our time there worked out really well. We returned the next morning right as they were opening to avoid crowds and get close parking. (We were able to make several trips to the car to put our purchases away.) We bought the items we decided we wanted, including some gifts. A could hardly wait to go pick out which fairy garden accessory she wanted to buy. (We bought a couple of extra accessories for birthday and Christmas, so she'll be surprised.) Picking out a pumpkin was fun too. 

The kids played and played again on the lawn and on the swings. 

They got in on a game of corn hole a group was girls was playing as well. We hit up a food truck for lunch (Milo Local Provisions) and found a shady table to eat. Delish! We didn't leave until early afternoon. 

We had gorgeous weather and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. I loved the well thought out details everywhere you looked, and I loved that our whole family had fun. I am already looking forward to going back.

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